Improve process efficiency, accuracy, compliance and visibility with Business Process Automation. We will help you apply software applications to automate processes in your businesses that are repeatable. You can eliminate the need for workers and thereby reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Why should you Automate Business Processes?

Every day, businesses rely on employees to carry out various repeatable tasks such as scheduling appointments, revising documents, submitting requests and approving requests, providing status updates and much more. Inefficiencies that may occur in carrying out these day to day tasks can cost your company money. Business Process Automation eliminates these errors. It helps to reduce your business’ dependency on people, increase the productivity of your workforce, and reduce the operational costs of your business. It also increases your business’ focus on nurturing relationships with stakeholders. Rather than merely completing processes, enforce accountability on process owners and stakeholder, eliminate the use of paper, ensure compliance to regulations and standards, improve employee satisfaction, and improve process transparency.

Walking with You

At our company we have worked with various businesses in different industries to automate their business processes. We apply our four-step tried and tested strategy for greater success.


Identify processes, people, technology and partners. We will help you define your process components to strip out any redundancies.


Our team of professionals will break down your processes.


Define, streamline and document your processes. We will ensure your operations are repeatable and therefore, automatable.


Develop a tool and help you replace manual processes with automated ones. We will provide you with solutions to monitor operations and obtain quick feedback from users. You can optimize processes and keep improving them as the need arises.

Business Process Automation Methods

At Technokeens we provide businesses with customized solutions for the automation of their process. Our custom solutions base on two delivery methods.

1. Extension IT Systems

It involves extending the capabilities and functionalities of an existing system to an enterprise in support of their automation efforts. We customize the system to suit their specific needs. This solution reduces turnaround time and is cost-effective for companies with a limited budget.

2. Specialist Tools

Some businesses require the development of specialist tools to support the automation of their processes. Our specialist tools solutions include customization of an interface as well as customizations of application code to meet the specific requirements of the business.

Our goal is to improve the overall experience of our clients. We will provide you with customized process automation solutions with relevant extensions based on your needs.

We’re the right partner for you

If you are looking for a business process automation partner that will meet your specific needs, you can rely on us. We are a customer-focused firm. Our team provides consulting services as well as solutions for automation and integration that will improve the efficiency and capabilities of your business.

Our company provides quality solutions and pays attention to best practices to ensure our clients get the best answers. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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