Why Software development needs Agile Methodology?


Agility in agile Methodology explains how things should be done quickly and easily. So, is it going to help us in the development phase? Yes, it will.

Agile Methodology-

An iterative process(single development cycle, measured as one or two weeks), a structure which tells how the software development needs to move on. Agile is not a sole strategy, it represents the numerous collections of methods. Instead of trying delivering the project all at once, agile development brings the time-bound culture of presenting things from the start of the project. It mainly concentrates on delivering software frequently.

Agenda for Agile Development?

Close Relations with the customer!

The milestone for agile development describes the cross-functional efforts for desired requirements. It supports adaptive planning, knowledge and continuous improvement for rapid and flexible response. And of course, the regular adaption to changing circumstances.

What distinguishes Agile development from Traditional Development Process?

The main difference between traditional development is the linear approach which is needed to be done sequentially.

The Stages includes
Requirement and designing, Coding, System Testing, Bug Fixing, and Product Delivery.

Whereas, the agile methodology believes in the team-based approach, which results in faster delivery. Despite working sequentially the development is delivered in sprints.

The Stages of agile development includes
Concept, Foundation, Iteration, Release, and Production.

Let’s say, Group A is working on the project with the traditional software development process, whereas Group B on the same with the Agile Development process. Now after a month, check which group is; leading on terms and question yourself by organizing different phases, which can ensure the better completion, with three terms keeping in mind: Time, budget, and customer satisfaction.

Software Development depends upon factors such as speed, time, cost and the most important quality. It depends on you, which software development methodology you use. But to be recommended agile is the most feasible one, with less cost and cost-effectiveness over the traditional approach.

Why is Agile better?

Agile assumes from the start that the end clients’ needs are regularly changing in a dynamic business and IT world. Changes asked can be improvised or removed based on the response. This viably gives the client the completed framework they want or need.
1. Changing requirements are accepted
2. Working tested software each time instead of at the end
3. Promising Software delivery on time
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