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Drip Marketing is a correspondence procedure that sends, or “trickles,” a pre-composed set of messages to clients after some time he plans to purchase. These messages regularly appear as email promoting, through email marketing or other media can likewise be utilized.

It enables organizations to remain new in the minds of clients notwithstanding when they are not in the market for the item business is selling. By persistently keeping in contact with customers, organizations hope that one day, when they’re prepared, they’ll recall the item and make a buy.

Also, Drip Marketing use automated tools to fetch these messages at specific focuses in time, allowing organizations to send reactions immediately a purchaser shows interest for that time.

Types of Drip Marketing

A person generally misinterprets Drip Marketing with whole Email Marketing, because most of the companies use Email medium for communication.

Different messaging tools can be used in drip marketing, apart from Email Marketing-

  • Phone Calls: This Traditional method of marketing never goes out of fashion. Still, Big companies/organization uses service provider companies to complete their campaign using phone calls.
  • Media: In a scheduled manner, Drip Marketing can use social media post and status updates as a part of a campaign.
  • Web Presence: Direct Marketing propose directly to relevant landing pages for delivering the same content online.
  • Print paper/ Newsletter: Newsletter or publications are still an ideal way of delivering marketing messages to the audience when scheduled timely.

What is Drip Campaign?

To stay in touch with people who clicked/signed up or interacted in many ways with your products are targeted with an automated set of emails at particular timelines. Each time a drip email is sent to a user in preference with the action performed. These Drip Mails are not written manually bur are pre-written and sent accordingly. These are customizable in terms with Contact’s name and Info and more.

Drip Marketing is a salient term in Digital Marketing. Well! Putting the right information at the right time to right people is Drip Marketing in simpler terms. Let’s Say-

→ Phase1: Opened/Clicked and Signed Up:
John visited your site to purchase a product, he clicked/ signed up for the XYZ product, and then according to Drip Campaign a “THANK YOU” email must be sent to John for his action performed.

→ Phase2: Opened/Clicked did not Sign Up
But what if John didn’t sign up? Send an email to john notifying him about “limited stock for product”.  It might help John to clear his confusion for purchasing the product.

→ Phase3: Opened but did not click
A “Discount Offer” Mail will probably help John to decide to purchase a rate with a specific product or not.

How to Set up a Drip Campaign?

Drip Marketing may call as a layered process to convince a client to make his option into consideration in addition to being effective leading towards conversion. The five stages that you could use as the reason for the structure of Drip messages, including instances of how to focus on your crowd, compose your messages, change for best outcomes.

  • Identify your Target Audience
  • Generate an attractive Message
  • Plan your Campaign
  • Start your Campaign
  • Evaluate and Track

Too many Drip Messages will just bother your clients. Be that as it may, a proper arrangement of drip messages can be the ideal method to remind individuals to purchase your item, show them how to utilize your product once they’ve acquired it, and get new supporters up-to-speed on your email newsletter. What’s more, the more specific your sections, the almost certain you are to get collaboration and eagerness from your supporters.

Final Terms:
Set up and See what Drip Campaign brings result for your business. Find the major growth in revenue by applying this criterion of Marketing.

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